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Carmen's Children Poetry Corner
Meet Nikki Grimes
Meet Nikki Grimes
Nikki's Verse
Module 1: The Poetry Environment
Module 4 - Poetry Across the Curriculum
Module 3 - Poetry Performance
Module 5 - Multicultural Poetry
Module 6 - Responding to Poetry
Module 2: Major Poets
Books by Nikki Grimes

"The written word has always held a special fascination for me. It seemed uncanny that words, spread across a page just so, had the power to transport me to another time or place.
But they could."
- Nikki Grimes

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Nikki Grimes . . .
  •  began writing verse when she was 6 years old.
  •  has conducted poetry readings in Russia, China, Sweden, Tanzania, & Haiti
  •  sang on stage at the Stockholm Philharmonic
  •  is an artist
  •  lives in Corona, California
  •  was born in New York City
  •  has no children
  •  has 1 sister and 1 foster brother
  •  gave her first public poetry reading at age 13
  •  was born Oct. 20, 1950
  •  helped build a chapel in Haiti
  •  gets her ideas from life experiences
  •  attended Livingston College, Rutgers University in New  Jersey
  •  doesn't have a favorite type of poetry but she really likes writing narrative poems and haikus

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